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3 Root Causes Of Chronic Symptoms Nobody Told You

October 18, 20215 min read

3 Root Causes Of Chronic Symptoms Nobody Told You

Are you still looking for the true root cause of your chronic symptoms? Maybe you have seen several doctors and been through dozens of protocols but you’re still battling with chronic symptoms. In this article, we are going to give you THREE root causes of chronic symptoms that nobody has told you so be sure to read to the end!

It’s common for people with chronic symptoms to go into a conventional doctor’s office and have them tell you it’s just anxiety or stress. Then from others, you may find out that it’s actually toxicities like mold, heavy metals, EMF, or infections like Lyme, candida, or parasites. So, what is it really? From a brain retraining perspective, we are going to share 3 root causes of chronic symptoms.

Perceived Trauma or Stress

1. Perceived Trauma or Stress

Yep, that first doctor may not have been too far off. But hold up, what do we mean by this? This can be any event in your past that caused significant mental or physical distress. Examples could be big traumas such as:

  • Car accidents

  • Abuse (physically or mentally)

  • Losing a loved one

  • Being in a war

  • Alcohol or drug addiction

Or it could be smaller traumas such as:

  • Obsession over diets & food

  • Fear of EMF, chemicals, mold

  • A heightened fight with a loved one

  • A social trauma leading to isolation

It’s not always necessarily the things that happened to you that caused the trauma or stress in your brain, but the way you perceived them. What do I mean by this? Well, two people can have the same thing happen to them and react differently. Let’s just say each person was bullied. One person could shake it off like it’s no big deal. This person moves on. The other person sees it as a big threat, is angry towards them, creates negative thinking patterns thinking “if that person treated me like this, then everyone must be this way. Maybe they avoid social situations or hate thinking about when they went to high school. This is the person who has created a perceived trauma.

This same thing can happen with anything that happened to you in the past. We currently work with many people whose brains have been traumatized not only by people but diets, EMF, chemicals, mold, their illness, their symptoms, and more. How your brain perceives trauma is a root cause which leads us into number 2!

2. Fear


The next root cause is FEAR. So many people with chronic symptoms have perceived past and current traumas. Once this happens, they then can begin to develop so much fear. They find out that certain foods or EMF are bad, then they avoid those things. We know that avoidance behaviors lead to fear. Then whenever they eat the foods or are around the EMF or mold, their brain instantly starts responding with symptoms and negative thinking patterns predicting their symptoms. They go in trauma loops which causes them to go into the fight flight or freeze response leading to symptoms.

People may also start fearing a current or past trial. Maybe you start reliving being abused in your past, or something your husband did to you. This is a fear-based response. Typically, people with chronic symptoms fear their own symptoms of illness! They do everything to try and control their symptoms in the world and it just leads to more fear and more symptoms. We are not telling you this to call you out but to give you hope. Healing chronic symptoms does not have to be complicated. Brain retraining can completely reverse the fear, negative thinking patterns, and trauma. Calm the stress response and balance the limbic system.

Last but absolutely not least is…

 Disconnection From God

3. Disconnection From God

We are not saying that all of you who are sick don’t have a relationship with God. Clearly, God can allow a trial in your life at any time. However, we do believe that one of the main root causes of chronic symptoms is fear so yes, disconnection from God by not walking in faith is playing a part here. For me, I know that sin and negative thinking patterns had a lot to do with it. Like I have mentioned in previous posts, I had eating disorders, exercise addiction, alcohol abuse, etc. all in my past which was rooted in sin and choices.

Sin such as abusing alcohol, drugs, sex, etc. all messes with your mind tremendously. Our choices come from our thinking patterns. When I have been caught in trauma loops and fear, I don’t feel close to God. Living based on your feelings can get you into a lot of trouble. Fear and faith are opposites. God says not to fear over 300 times in the bible. God does not give us the spirit of fear but of love and power and of a sound mind (2 Timothy 1:7). It goes without saying but walking with God will certainly help you.

The good news?

Healing from chronic symptoms does not have to be that complicated. It does not always require loads of detox protocols, restricted diets, and strict avoidance. These symptoms are a result of the fight flight or freeze response that starts in your brain and can be calmed with brain retraining. Want help with this? Join our free Facebook group! If you are interested in having us help you rewire your brain so you can live happy and healthy again, schedule a free call. We look forward to hearing from you. God bless!


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