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❝ Before I started working with Brooklyn, I was so deteriorated, horrible body aches, and was bed bound. I went to a ton of doctors who put me on supplements that I couldn't tolerate. Then I found her and it's been such a blessing! She taught me how to rewire my brain and I'm so much better! I was able to go on a vacation and ride roller coasters with my family. I am back to work and no longer tied to my bed. I am so grateful!



❝ Today I feel like superwoman! No symptoms. I have more energy than I know what to do with. I feel fearless. I feel joy deep inside my bones. I cannot stop smiling and laughing! No "Old Wired Loops" for consecutive days. I am memorizing Bible verses like nobodies business after only reading them once or twice. I am remembering more consistently. I finally feel nourished after eating and drinking water. Thank you God!



❝ The change in my life and my health is unbelievable. I have more energy than I've had in years, almost every single physical symptom I had previously is gone. Ocd is remarkably better and improving daily. From eating just a few foods to being able to eat at multiple restaurants. I can burn candles again, wear perfume, and do many other things that my symptoms wouldn't allow for so long.

Monica S. Wins

Within 4 months, Monica reported the following improvements.

  • Bowel regulation: I initially had improvements in this area with a regression during some resistance. That is now regulating.

  • Skin improvements: My skin is improving in many ways. It is healthier and appearance is much better. I mentioned in the live about my chronic dry, cracked feet now being smooth and healthy looking. My husband always picked at me jokingly about my feet and I ran a lot and played lots of sports so I just attributed to that. He is impressed with my soft soles now.

  • Breast tenderness improved: I spent nearly 2 months not being able to stand a bra because of swelling and tenderness. As well as off and on throughout the years. I’m sure hormones were not balanced causing this but it was to the point of limiting outings due to having to put a bra on. Affected sleep even bc of positioning. It’s now much improved!

  • Teeth sensitivity has lessened: I wasn’t expecting this, but I’ve struggled with sensitive teeth for a long time with an increase after starting program. At my early March cleaning, I could barely tolerate the cleaning even with a super sweet and careful hygienist. I ran out of my sensitive toothpaste and used my husbands a couple weeks ago. I realized I hadn’t been having much sensitivity. I’ve been using regular since and my sensitivity is almost gone.

  • Sleep improvement: That has been normalizing again. Praise God!

  • Joint pain/ body aches: My body is moving more fluidly for lack of a better term. I can feel improvements within that I can’t quite put into words. Again, praise Him!

  • Hair loss: I have lost a lot of hair over the last years and that really increased just before starting the program. It lessened, then worsened again with resistance period. I have noticed that has almost completely stopped and I pray to regrow now! You know, I believe I will!

  • I haven’t worked since December due to major neurological attack: When I say major, I mean debilitating, life-altering and frightening. I truly believe I had a nervous breakdown. Without telling my life story, I have had many traumas and stressors beginning at an early age in childhood. I was always very strong and resilient and took on challenges because I liked to conquer them. I was very competitive and excelled at sports. I love to work out and run and ran half marathons. I went to nursing school while working and raising 3 small children graduating top of my class. I worked as an ER nurse for years and loved it. I am realizing now that I have basically lived in fight/flight for most of my life… literally. I worked to dominate it and was able to until a point. I am now for the first time in my life, realizing that. And by the power of the Holy Spirit, through seeking more and more of God, through working on my LSI, I am being delivered from a lifetime of unhealthy thought patterns.

  • I’ve battled chronic eye twitching on separate occasions: Once my right eye twitched for over 3 months straight. Several months later (most recently) the left started and went nearly nonstop for a while. It has nearly stopped twitching with just an occasional here and there. Limby is healing y’all!

Sorry this is long, but I pray it motivates and helps others! I truly want to encourage others in Christ and in rewiring. My life is forever changed!

Bill Y. Success Story

Prior to Limbic System Rewire: When Bill first came to us he was not able to walk longer than a couple minutes, he needed assistance in getting dressed in the morning, he couldn’t leave the house for very long, had bad swelling/inflammation throughout his joints in his body. He was in pain often due to his diagnosis. Furthermore, he was on a restricted diet and reacted to numerous foods. He was retired and wanting to be able to enjoy traveling with his wife. But with his illness, he was going to have to cancel 3+ vacations he had previously planned before he was hit with the multiple symptoms.

Initial Results with Limbic System Rewire: He enrolled in the program and within two weeks he shared the following.

“Hey Nick, I have had several big wins over these last three days: I’ve started driving again, I took a 30 minute slow walk in a park, had dinner at a friend’s house, and improved the quality of my sleep. My wife has commented that my mental outlook and attitude has shifted dramatically to the better. I now has a whole new hope.”

Bill kept his vacations on the books and has been telling us all about them over the past few months (Louisiana/Southern U.S., Arizona, South America, etc.).

Post Limbic System Rewire: When Bill first started he was barely able to get out of bed and walk up and down the stairs and needed assistance. Now he flew to South America for 3 weeks to enjoy his retirement. His inflammation is in control. His physical pain in his body, the numbness in his hands and feet is gone. He is able to enjoy the local food out at restaurants with his wife and friends who go along with them on a group trip. His sleep is normalized which is amazing in itself. His mental clarity is on point. He was almost more amazed and happy about getting back into writing his novel. He has a passion for writing that was removed for a long period of time due to his symptoms, but is now writing again and currently almost finished with his novel!

Abbie S. Success Story

When Abbie first started, she was dealing with 20+ symptoms on a daily basis and had been for a very long time.

Now after working with Limbic System Rewire, she is:

  • Eating all the foods she wants to eat.

  • Better able to calm herself if a panic attack tries to start.

  • Successfully wired out unhealthy neural pathways that were contributing to the stress response.

  • Sleeps through the night.

  • No longer is controlled by food or having to plan her day around supplements and finding a place to eat.

  • Has better moods consistently.

  • Only has a few symptoms left which are also fading.

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