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How Christian Based Neuroplasticity Can Reverse Chronic Symptoms

December 19, 20215 min read

How Christian Based Neuroplasticity Can Reverse Chronic Symptoms

Are you curious how chronic symptoms develop and how Christian based neuroplasticity can reverse them? If so, keep reading because I am going to explain this from a Christian Perspective. Let’s start by talking about how chronic symptoms develop.

How Do Chronic Symptoms Develop

By chronic symptoms, I mean long-term symptoms that come and go or get better or worse from day to day. These are symptoms that may have been labeled as anxiety or stress by a conventional doctor. Things such as fatigue, brain fog, digestive symptoms, insomnia, chronic pain, sensitivities, etc. I believe that these symptoms are directly related to a stress response happening in your brain and then the rest of your body.

If you have symptoms like these, you are likely stuck in a fight, flight, or freeze response. In my opinion, the root cause of these symptoms is fear, sin/disobedience to Christ, trauma, or stress. Your root cause may be one or all of those. They are typically related. I know many of you have identified the root cause to be related to infections like parasites, Lyme, SIBO, or toxicities like heavy metals or mold. Those would be hidden stressors, right? While these can stress your system, I do believe they are a minor part and aren’t truly the root cause.

You can get a bad cold or virus, it stresses your system, and you get more symptoms, but if you’re resilient you should bounce right back. Those things shouldn’t become chronic. I don’t believe toxicities should be either. If you aren’t able to bounce back from a specific toxicity or infection, the root is likely that your limbic system is out of balance. So what happens is you have a lot of stressors or traumas in your life such as drinking, overworking, a traumatic emotional event in your past, etc. Then you start having negative, fear-based thoughts.

The mind-body connection.

Our thoughts always lead to our emotions, so if you’re having fear-based thoughts you’re going to be stuck in negative emotions like anger or despair. You may even have a worldly perspective and get stuck in finding happiness in money, sex, or material things. This all can have a direct negative impact on your physical health because of the strong mind-body connection we all have.

When we’re stuck in stress, trauma, fear, acting out on sin, and living in negative emotions, our brain creates a stress response and secretes stress hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol. I am by no means saying this is your fault, at all! A lot of things happen subconsciously in our brain such as our negative thoughts, choices, and how we perceive things. But here’s the good news… you can change this through the power of neuroplasticity. You can wire in positivity, you can change the way you respond to circumstances in life, and wire your mind for Christ.

It Causes People to Live Based On How They Feel

Christian Based Neuroplasticity

Let’s take a look at how that happens. In my opinion, Christ is the foundation of healing. This doesn’t mean you can’t heal without Him, but in my opinion, it’s quite a bit harder to do in your own strength. When Christ is at the foundation, you will change at a heart level. This means your motivations, beliefs, and intentions will align with His. You start to seek Him above all else through daily prayer and Bible reading.

Have you ever noticed that your mindset starts to automatically change when you start seeking Him? That is because your mind is aligned with the spirit. If you’re a Christian, you have the holy spirit living on the inside of you, and this is beyond powerful! This also means changing your desires and turning from sins… whether it’s drinking, lust, anger, whatever it is! Then your actions will start to align with Christ’s. You’ll start to love people and see them through Christ’s eyes and serve others.

You can have a spiritual perspective, where you’re no longer super focused on how you physically feel because that’s temporary. You see life through a whole new hope as you look forward to eternity in heaven. By doing this, your physical health improves because of the strong mind-body connection we all have. Your brain starts to secrete the healing neurotransmitters of dopamine, serotonin, endorphins, and oxytocin. This calms the stress response and stops cortisol and adrenaline from being secreted. In time this improves your physical health.

Having Too High of Expectations of Health and Feeling Good

We have to realize that sin destroys the mind, body, and spirit. “The devil is out to steal, kill, and destroy,” John 10:10 says. We have to be aware of this in order to change it. Now I also want you to realize that this doesn’t happen overnight. You likely won’t be healed by just picking up the Bible today and making the decision to follow God fully… I mean God can do anything, but it takes some work to wire out negative thinking patterns. Sometimes it can take 6 months or longer and it’s not always an easy road. If you want to commit to this, it’s life-changing. You will likely need some guidance though and we’re here with open arms if you’re looking for help.

If you’re interested in learning more, watch our free 60-minute masterclass where we talk about a natural 3 steps system that can help provide relief from environmental and food sensitivities in as little as 8 weeks. We also have a free FB group called brain rewiring for health and happiness where we share free tips every day. God speed and God bless!

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