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Should You Retrain Your Brain To Eat What You Want?

January 03, 20226 min read

Are you wondering if you can really eat whatever you want again? In this post, I’m going to answer that question and share my experience. 

Let’s talk about where a lot of you are right now if you’re on a restricted diet. You’re on this diet because you have a belief that you need to be on it. All of our actions (for example the choices we make with our health) stem from our beliefs. This is a learned belief. You either learned from a practitioner, another person, or something you read online that you should be eating healthy whole foods or that you should be eating whatever diet you’re currently on. 

The more you search, the more you learn. You may learn things like sugar is the enemy. If you kept your search going you probably even learned that some things in even healthy whole foods are bad such as histamines, oxalates, salicylates, sulfur, or sugar in fruit because of candida. Or maybe you’re supposed to avoid moldy foods like cheese or coffee.

8 Reasons

What happens is that your brain starts to have negative thoughts towards all of these foods and you label them as “bad”. You create a negative association with them and see them as “off-limits”. You start to form beliefs around food like you should eat 100% whole foods or you won’t be able to heal. Whatever we avoid, our brain perceives as a fear. So you start to fear those foods if you’ve been avoiding them strictly. 

You keep researching and avoiding more and more foods. Before you know it, you’re down to only a handful of foods. You feel decent on this handful of foods, but then you decide you want to try something. You feel a little worse, so then you start believing you have a food sensitivity which then just feeds this fear cycle and you never get out of it. If you have sensitivities, this is probably resonating with you. I know this was the case for me. The good news is that you can get out of it!


The Actual Root Cause

The first thing to realize is that the limbic system is the root cause of the symptoms in the first place. The food is usually not the bad guy. Why do I say that? Because most people can eat whatever they want and function just fine. You used to be able to eat what you want and function right? So what changed? It’s a stress response in the brain, which lowers the immune system and makes you reactive. I will share more of my story on this in a moment. 

I know that you may have started a brain retraining program such as our Limbic System Rewire program. You start introducing more foods, and that fear rises because you’ve been avoiding it for so long. And maybe your symptoms also get worse, which can happen at first. It’s almost like a fight with your limbic system. And this is not good either because you start to feed your fear response even more. 

In the Bible, Matthew 6:25 says, “Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothes?” Based on that, we know we certainly shouldn’t turn what we should eat into a worry because we know that worry is from the enemy and not from God.


It’s tough because when you have sensitivities, you have all of these fear-based thoughts around food. You may even feel guilty for eating processed foods. God doesn’t want us to have guilt either, unless of course, we’re turning it into a sin such as gluttony or idolatry. 

The thing is, the Bible also says that our body is a temple and we should take care of it. As I mentioned, I believe we just have to be careful to not turn food into an idol. In other words, putting food above God and making it your main happiness. To be honest, I’m guilty of that a little. When I first started brain retraining, I went a little overboard on food because I was deprived for so long.

What Are Your End Goals?

It all just depends on your end goals. Do you even WANT to be able to eat whatever you want? Maybe you’re completely satisfied just eating a variety of whole foods the rest of your life and that’s your goal. There is nothing wrong with that! But if you want to be able to go to a birthday party and eat cake… Or even if you want to eat a cheeseburger every day, you can train your brain to calm the stress response and be able to do that. Just be sure to get clear on your own end goals. 

For me, I naturally crave a lot of whole foods. I do eat a lot of smoothies, veggies, and grilled meats. But I also eat a burger and fries here and there when I want. I basically got back to my old thinking when around food before I was sick. I eat whatever I’m craving at the moment… sometimes it’s a cookie and sometimes it’s fruit smoothies. I have freedom around food area again! 

If this is a goal of yours… In order to get to this point, you will have to challenge beliefs that you have to avoid all processed foods, all histamines, or whatever you believe you need to avoid. Here’s the thing though: It’s not just a matter of believing you can do it and you’ll be fine. You have to train with these foods to bring them back in so you can tolerate them again. I highly recommend using a brain retraining program like ours, Limbic System Rewire, because it’s not easy to do alone.


My Story

I get that you may be skeptical and wondering if you will really be able to eat what you want again. Can you really heal without eating whole foods? Well, I want to briefly share with you my experience. A couple of years ago I was severely ill, couch bound. I was only eating 2 foods and I had tons of symptoms such as severe gut pain, fatigue, brain fog, you name it. I was 100% strict with my whole foods but I was also very malnourished. 

Skip forward into about 8 months of brain retraining, I was back to eating whatever I wanted, I gained 25 pounds of necessary weight and most symptoms were gone. So that goes to show that it’s not necessarily the food, but the stress response in the brain from traumas. If it’s possible for me, it’s possible for you too! 

If you want to discover a 3 step method that can help provide relief from environmental and food sensitivities (as well as other chronic symptoms) without labs, supplements, or restricted diets in as little as 8 weeks, check out our free 60-minute masterclass. Please also make sure to join our Facebook group, Brain Rewiring for Health and Happiness, if you want free brain retraining tips daily. God Bless!

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