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STOP Doing This If You Want To Successfully Rewire Your Brain!

October 25, 20215 min read

STOP Doing This If You Want To Successfully Rewire Your Brain!

If you want to successfully rewire your brain to heal from chronic symptoms, it MUST be done in a very specific way. In this article, we are going to tell you about a very important thing that you must stop doing in order for your brain retraining to be successful!

One MAJOR thing we recommend if you want to heal with brain retraining is to STOP over analyzing every little thing about your health. Why? Because this will heighten your chronic stress response and fuel your symptoms. You may be saying what? Aren’t I supposed to be optimizing my health anyway I can? If you are looking into improving your health then yes it can be helpful to eat whole foods, get good rest, exercise etc. However, it may mess with your mind and do more harm than good when you are overly obsessing about your health. Let’s talk a little bit about what this looks like.

How Over Analyzing Affected My Limbic System

I was hit with multiple severe symptoms and received diagnoses of mold illness, CIRS, Lyme, MCAS, severe sensitivities, and more. And at that time in my life, I was obsessively tracking every little food I ate…how many carbs, proteins, and fats I ate. I was also obsessing over every little ingredient in food, to a point where I was obsessive with what foods were high oxalate, high histamine, high sulfur, you name it. I researched every diet under the sun. I got to a point where I was trying to avoid so many things that I was only eating two foods and I was twenty pounds underweight, looking and feeling really malnourished.

Not only did I obsess over what I ate, I obsessed over what time I ate. I had to fast until noon, or I couldn’t think. My brain created a total trauma with food and diets. I had avoided so many foods that my brain developed a fear of all of them. When you do this, your brain starts to see the foods you avoid as a threat, and they become a trigger for symptoms when you reintroduce them. When I would even look at a food I would think “Nope, that’s high histamine, I can’t have that.”

How Over Analyzing Affected My Limbic System

The trauma of diets stole my joy.

I was traumatized by diets and food, and it completely stole my joy. My relationship with food was horrible, and I dreaded even eating. I went to bed starving and woke up the same way. This is called obsessing over food. Now this same process began to happen to me with EMF, chemicals, and mold. I believed everything I heard from everyone I followed online. When a doctor told me to go on a candida diet. I took it literally meaning I could never have fruit again. It wasn’t their fault, but the way my brain responded to the information I received about diets.

Before I knew it, I was so fearful I couldn’t even be around a cell phone or near perfume. I also had to skip my family holiday’s because I couldn’t go into any building that may even have a hint of mold. This is what happens when someone with limbic system dysfunction obsesses about their health! It puts them into a bubble they can’t get out of, or they feel completely miserable.

Another thing I overanalyzed was my weight. I weighed every day, several times a day. That will really mess with your mind and body image! I also constantly monitored my bowel movements to see how much I went. If it wasn’t quite enough, I would up my constipation medication. I monitored my symptoms like crazy in my journal and lived my life completely based on how I felt. If I felt a little off, I thought it must have been one of the two foods I ate or an exposure to a cell phone.

Little did I know that the root cause was my limbic system and not the environment. I got to a point where I obsessed over everything with good intentions to optimize my health. This completely backfired as I created a greater stress response in my brain. Now, I can say I don’t have to worry about what ingredients or chemicals are in foods. I don’t need to monitor my weight, symptoms, or bowel movements. Also, I don’t need to avoid cell phones, buildings, cleaning supplies or perfumes. I am free from all of that!

The trauma of diets stole my joy.

You CAN Successfully Rewire Your Brain

Other than the fact that these thinking patterns and behaviors are creating a massive stress response in your body leading to symptoms, let’s talk about another reason you shouldn’t do this. If you are trying to wire your brain to be healthy and happy again like you once were, then you need to change your thinking and your behaviors to be that person. With brain rewiring, you will slowly reintroduce the foods and everything you have been avoiding back in your life.

You will stop believing you are chronically ill and start believing it’s just the limbic system out of balance which can be fixed with brain retraining and Jesus. You will create healthy pathways in your brain to make you emotionally happy and free from all restrictions. It all seems simple. However, this does NOT happen overnight, and you will need a brain retraining program like ours or another one to help you get out of it. It takes commitment but it is achievable and provides lasting results. You CAN get back to your happy and healthy self!

If you are wanting to heal from chronic symptoms with brain retraining, you must STOP overanalyzing everything about your health and retrain your brain to be healthy and happy again. If you want to learn more, join our free Facebook group! If you are interested in having us help you rewire your brain so you can live happy and healthy again, schedule a free call. We look forward to hearing from you. God bless!

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